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How Drugs Are Developed

Course Overview

A practical course for anyone who needs to understand how the many processes that contribute to successful development of a new medicine works!

Science, medicine, law and business awareness – the successful development of a medicine demands a wide range of expertise. How does it all fit together?

How Drugs Are Developed answers the question with a detailed but accessible overview of the pharmaceutical industry, from the birth of an idea throughout the development program leading to a successful drug registration. It also describes the post marketing obligations relating to pharmacovigilance and the continuing lifecycle maintenance and management activities to ensure the product return can be optimised.

Over 10 modules, the course explains drug development and the connections between the functions involved. How does inspiration from a molecular biologist eventually become a drug used in humans for the first time in clinical trials? How does a concept move from the initial research chemist via the toxicologist, the clinician and the economist? How drugs Are developed presents the bigger picture. See the industry from the inside and gain an understanding of the factors that affect product development. This will allow you to make your own informed decisions and so improve your contribution to your own role.

What are the advantages of online learning?

  • Providing in-depth practical guidance, this 10-module course can be taken at your own pace, allowing you to put everything you learn into practice immediately.
  • Test your knowledge by taking our interactive quizzes at the end of each module. To complete the course, take the final quiz to see how much you have learned!
  • Using this interactive platform you can also share knowledge and discuss challenges and solutions with other delegates in the Course Discussion Forum.
  • Send your questions to the author at any time during the course.

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